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WELCOME to the website for J.P. Ashman, author of the Black Powder Wars fantasy series.

J.P. continues to produce complex, gritty fantasy – and now scifi – whilst blogging about books and tabletop games, as well as anything else that takes his fancy (usually his hectic but enjoyable family life).


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2018 marks the release of two anthologies I am excited to be a part of. We have the charity anthology: Art of War, which includes forty stories by a huge range of fantasy authors, and Lost Lore, a FREE fantasy anthology by the Terrible Ten. I urge you to check them both out, for there is bound to be at least a few stories in there that you will love – hopefully all of them!


JP’s current titles include:

Black Cross – Black Powder Wars #1

Black Cross was awarded the ‘Most Complex’ award and chosen as a group finalist in Mark Lawrence’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off  2015

The magic system is fascinating and very well crafted. This is quite an epic saga, and surprisingly political. There are factions, and back biting, plenty of twists and turns, violence and bloodshed – everything epic fantasy fans enjoy.” – bookwormblues.net


Black Guild – Black Powder Wars #2

The sequel to Black Cross is current available on Kindle (physical copies coming soon)

“This book is a tour de force of epic fantasy.”
Len Evans Jr. – Goodreads


Bren’s Lament – Standalone Flash Fiction

(Flash fiction – available for free here)

I liked Bren’s Lament. Good, clean scene-setting.” – Conn Iggulden


Black Martlet – Black Powder Wars Short Story #1

“J. P. Ashman writes with a thundering style, that resonates strikingly within this short story of a hero-in-the-making. The Black Powder Wars will be a series that’s tailor-made for fans of fantasy in the vein of Bernard Cornwell, Paul Kearney & J. V. Jones.” – Fantasybookcritic.blogspot.co.uk


Dragonship – Standalone Short Story

“Brilliant, sharp, original, witty and emotional.”
Dyrk Ashton, Author of Paternus

Black Powder Wars Series Map

Designed by J.P. Ashman, illustrated by Charles Richardson

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  1. J.P, I cannot tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your post, “Inspired To Write?” Thank you for bringing the views of many creatives to light,, so that we may learn from the best. Needless to say, it’s an honor to have you as a follower of Flaggfan.

    I’m looking forward to reading your fiction, and future blog posts.:)

  2. Thank you kindly 🙂 I’m glad you found it useful, I certainly did. It’s amazed me just how lovely the writing community is, no matter what level an author is at!

    I’ll look forward to a potential blog review of Black Cross then 😉



    1. You’re welcome, mate.:) You also gave us many new fantasy books to check out, and that always excites me! Yes, I love being a part of the lovely writing community that is WordPress.

      When I read your book, I’ll be sure to post my review at Flaggfan.

      With warm regards,


  3. I just finished black cross and I thought it was phenomenal!!!!! Please keep them coming ..i am looking for black guild now. Once again thank you

    1. Very pleased you enjoyed it and very kind of you to let me know! Black Guild is due for release this summer. I’ll scream and shout the date on here when I know it.
      If you get chance, leaving a review on Amazon is a massive help.
      Thanks Dewayne!

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