So, I made a WordPress page…

I feel all grown up, branching off from Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads to spread my author wings and soar in a new direction. I’m not quite sure what the point of this post is, if I’m being honest. It’s late, I should be writing since I have a chance to do so, but here I am, tapping keys and seeing what rot spews forth and finds its way to my fingertips. Probably not the best way to start this extra bit of ‘tinterweb’ exposure, but it’s how I’m doing it, so… Hi!

As my title page tells you a little about me and my writing, I shan’t bore you with more. Instead, it seems, I’ll bore you with waffle and drivel and such. Not for long though, (you can stop cheering now) because I think I shall actually put some effort into writing a scene or two for my sequel, Black Guild, which follows on from Black Cross – First book from the tales of the Black Powder Wars < out in ebook, paperback and hardback formats by the way. I few weeks back I struggled with writing, but I feel I’m ‘back on it’ again now, so should crack on with it whilst I can.

I’ve lost my train of thought, not that I had much of a grasp on it in the first place, so for now I shall say goodnight and enter my make believe world instead.

I’ll be back soon!


…don’t all cheer at once.




PS: The image at the top is irrelevant. I just like it.

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