Black Martlet Free Weekend!

It’s World Book Day! Woohoo! Social media will be filled with posts and tweets and offers and giveaways from authors and publishers and bookstores alike. I, my most wonderful followers of fashion, will not pass on this momentous event. For this weekend I have set my Kindle exclusive short story, Black Martlet, to be FREE!, yes FREE! From Friday 4th to Sunday 6th March. It’s about a half hour read, some light entertainment, sprinkled with a handful of sketches by my cover artist: Charles Richardson. Don’t miss out!

In Brisance, you never know when your childhood will end.

With unusual raiders on his father’s estate, Liem, only son of an Altolnan Baron and Baroness, discovers through a harrowing and violent experience just how quickly his life can change.

With the whole of Brisance on the brink of war, it is often recognition of the smallest acts that effect change and create hope where there was little.

Follow the links and save the page, then get back to it over the weekend and download a copy for FREE! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get a FREE! app for your preferred device. So many FREE! things. Oh what a weekend it’ll be….

Alright, I’ll calm down now and give you the links for… no, I won’t say FR

Black Martlet on Amazon UK

Black Martlet on Amazon US

Black Martlet jpg
First short story from the tales of the Black Powder Wars

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