I achieved level 35 (years old)!

2016-04-08 14.10.13

Not only did I level up to 35, but my super thoughtful brother, Martyn, pulled one of his usual blinders and had the above raspberry sponge cake made with the (edible) cover of my debut novel on top. I almost felt bad cutting into it and eating it. Almost < now I (almost) sound like Newt from Aliens: “They mostly come out at night. Mostly”.

I had a wicked-good trip ‘up North’ visiting family. It was short but sweet, especially since I hadn’t seen them for months. We got to stroll by the sea, something I used to take for granted when I lived there, eat some pub-grub, and then my bro and I played Star Wars Xwing Miniatures whilst Mother and Wifey watched a movie. Sadly, I lost the space battle, but I got to fly Ghost, from Star Wars Rebels, which my bro bought me. Again, he’s thoughtful to the end.

2016-04-08 20.32.40

One of, if not the, highlight from my trip had to be my nine month old daughter crawling for the first time. What a treat to witness whilst celebrating my leveling up. I was over the moon, as was she if the excited squeals she was making was anything to go by.

As if all that wasn’t enough, upon my return to work the following week, my clever work pals thought outside the box and presented me with my own book, signed by them all, in place of a Birthday card. What a pleasant surprise and a wonderful keepsake, not to mention that I’ve made royalties off a Birthday gift for the first (and probably last) time ever. Clever souls.


All in all it’s been a wonderful celebration of my half-way to 70 marker. I’ve had some lovely, thoughtful gifts – including a Rebel K-Wing ship for Xwing Miniatures off my friend and cover artist, Charles Richardson. I’ve also had a fantastic trip to Blackpool to see my folks, my grandad and my best friend/brother. Walking, eating, drinking and gaming; visiting, chatting and crawling. We did it all and I couldn’t have asked for more! Well, you could always buy my book!

One thought on “I achieved level 35 (years old)!

  1. Glad you had a lovely time up here in the North 😉 was lovely having you here with us to celebrate your 35th Birthday, so proud of you Son – keep writing 👍 Love you xx

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