Star Wars – from movies to miniatures.


Whether you were watching the original movie in the cinema during the 70’s or your first glimpse of Star Wars was a cartoon, say, The Clone Wars, likely you loved what you saw and heard. I did!

Star Wars has played a huge part in my life, from the movies and cartoons (which I’m currently devouring – both Rebels and The Clone Wars) to the soundtracks, video games and the tabletop X-wing Miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.


The reason for this post is the fact that The Force Awakens has recently been released on DVD/BlueRay. Wifey and I pre-ordered it and watched it a day before it was available in the shops. I’d seen it already at the cinema… on my own. It’s the only movie I’ve ever been to see on my own, but I didn’t care. I was seeing it and that was that. I’m not going to go into a review or talk about the movie itself. All I will say is that I loved it, and loved it all the more the second time round. So did Wifey. She’s not a huge Star Wars fan if I’m honest. She likes fantasy and scifi, which is good considering she’s married to me, but she never really got into Star Wars, before now. She found the originals too old for her liking (the first time she saw them) and the prequels… well, I won’t go into that. Sufficed to say, The Force Awakens won her over. She said it had the acting and characters that makes the originals and the graphics that made the… actually, it had better graphics than the prequels, so win win!


A huge part of the Star Wars series that grabs me are the soundtracks. They’re stunning on an epic scale. I listen to them in the car and at work quite often and especially recently. The sound effects from the movies, games and the cartoons I’m now watching are unique and instantly recognisable. Tie fighters and lightsabers, we all know the sounds. I’m pleased as a padawan that the sounds in the cartoons mirror the movies, and it was the same for my favorite online game of the past: Star Wars Galaxies. I spent a couple of years living that game and made friends home and away – as far as the US, some of which I visited in 2005. Star Wars: bringing folk together from across the globe!


I’m going to round this short post off, where all I’ve done really is waffle on about a series I love, by telling you – and using an old Jedi mind trick – to explore a new area of Star Wars, be it a novel, game or soundtrack. Immerse yourself in it and rejoice at the fact that Disney has swung open the galaxy’s gates to allow us more and more access into the scifi world we all love. I’ve read books, watched the movies and cartoons; played online games, console games and tabletop games where the iconic ships battle each other on spectacular vinyl star maps. Take the time, with family or friends, and do something new in the Star Wars galaxy. And most of all, tell folk about it, tell me about it! I want to read what you’ve been up to, new or old.

I’ll look forward to your posts, my Star Wars loving friends.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars – from movies to miniatures.

  1. I have been thoroughly enjoying listening to The Force Awakens soundtrack quite loudly as it is so awesome. It is the first Star Wars soundtrack I have bought! I have been enjoying the new Star Wars novels that have been (and are) coming out, and I have been getting into Star Wars : X wing as well.

    P.S My favorite Star Wars game was Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast


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