Dark Side Take Me…

Kylo Ren

Like everyone’s favorite emo Sith slashing up a room with a red lightsaber, my rage found new levels today. After dropping a large glass on the concrete floor of our utility room – which had me raging at myself in my head, my laptop decided to crash towards the end of a newly written scene for Black Guild (my fantasy series sequel). Needless to say, that almost tipped me over the edge, flaring my hatred of all things laptop crashy and threatening to have me attempt to force choke anyone and everyone I could.


Now, the worst thing about this is that it’s not the first time this has happened to me – or any other author, I’m sure. I might not have just smashed a glass last time, but I did lose two big, emotional scenes from my debut novel Black Cross. I’d poured my heart and soul into those scenes and was immensely pleased with the outcome. Therefore, when my (previous) laptop decided to power down for no apparent reason, I almost cried. I’d been foolish and not saved my work. “I’ll never make that mistake again” I had said. And I haven’t! I saved my work at least twice today, whilst writing it. I’m a stickler for it now. Alas, even after the reboot and “successful restoration” (lies) of the word processor, today’s scene was nowhere to be found. The system said my last save had been the previous day. Scene gone. Done. Dead and buried. Oh I’ll write it again, when I can stomach the thought. I did that for the two Black Cross scenes – and I’ve had positive comments about them. I’ll always know it’s not the same though. It’s not the original.

Image by Charles Richardson

I feel calmer about it now, but it kicked me in the proverbial nuts and they still ache. Anyhow, I needed to rant like TV baddies need to tell their plan to the hero before they fail to kill them. Off I pop now, not to re-write it, that’ll have to wait, but to watch some scifi or fantasy or whatnot on the box and escape all this for the evening; I hope you enjoy yours! And don’t forget: SAVE SAVE SAVE (and hope it works).

BlackCrossCoverParanoia2 (2)
First book from the tales of the Black Powder Wars

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