Do you read books that’re on TV?

Over on Reddit Fantasy, I ask folk whether they read books that have TV series or movies based on them. I don’t. Do you?

For me, it’s not the spoilers or the differences between the books and the shows, it’s the fact that I have enough to read without reading something I have watched or can watch. Simple as that!


5 thoughts on “Do you read books that’re on TV?

  1. There are a lot of series that are adapted for TV, that I’ve not read. Game of Thrones is different, in that I read most of the books before the first season, and read the most recent book before the second season started.

    It’s been a long time… still waiting.


  2. You understand GOT better if you read the books, though there are some differences. And you get to know the characters better as well, you know what they think not only they say.


    1. I’m sure you do, and the latter is generally true of any book. However, if I were to read them all now – up to the current one – I’d be not reading other books just to read what I already know. It’s that which I can’t bring myself to do. There’s just so many great novels out there that I’m not lost for what to read. I love the show, so have no want to change my view of it. Which I admit is a shame, because I’m sure I’d have loved the books too, alas. I can shrug it off easily though when I pick up the next Mark Lawrence or John Gwynne book. 🙂

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