J.P. Ashman’s Black Martlet FREE this weekend!

Black Martlet – First short story from the tales of the Black Powder Wars is a stand alone short – twenty to thirty minute read – story set in Altoln, a kingdom of Brisance from the Black Powder Wars series. And it’s FREE here on kindle this weekend! So get the link clicked, get it downloaded and get a review slapped up anywhere and everywhere. It also includes a link to a flash fiction piece of mine. Enjoy!

“J. P. Ashman writes with a thundering style, that resonates strikingly within this short story of a hero-in-the-making. The Black Powder Wars will be a series that’s tailor-made for fans of fantasy in the vein of Bernard Cornwell, Paul Kearney & J. V. Jones.”

In Brisance, you never know when your childhood will end. 

With unusual raiders on his father’s estate, Liem, only son of an Altolnan Baron and Baroness, discovers through a harrowing and violent experience just how quickly his life can change.

With the whole of Brisance on the brink of war, it is often recognition of the smallest acts that effect change and create hope where there was little.

Get it here for FREE



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