Book pricing on Amazon UK

During my usual flick through Amazon UK’s fantasy book listings, I noticed that there were a fair few paperback books priced a fraction below the £10 mark. Some were your common £9.99, likely to impress buyers that the book is less than the dreaded £10. Some were even better and priced at £9.98! Great stuff.

Now, before I go on I’d like to point out that most price points are set by publishers or some such, not the authors. I, however, am self-published so have indeed made the decision (once printing, delivery charges, editing fees etc etc have been taken into account) on what to price my paperback edition of Black Cross. I chose the mighty £10!

But was it an easy choice? The Three it was! I umm’d and arr’d and changed my mind several times. For those that don’t know, Amazon’s Print On Demand (POD) service charges authors that use it by the page. And for those that don’t know Black Cross, it’s a veritable tome of a book. Therefore, it costs me a lot to print each one. And therefore, I couldn’t afford to drop much below £10, at all. Genuinely! Well, not unless I wanted to pay folk to read it. I may be eager to hear people’s thoughts on my make believe world and characters, but I’m not that eager and I’m not bloody stupid; well…

So, why didn’t I go for the clever old £9.99 or £9.98? Because of Amazon’s equally clever FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS £10 OR OVER! That’s why. I realized, quite late on in the setup stage, that at ten English pounds, Black Cross would be delivered FREE in the UK. FREE! How amazing is that? Well I thought so. You could of course grab a £9.99 bargain that undercuts me for a glorious copper, but you’d have to shell out a fair few quaint pennies to get it to your door. Fair enough if you’re buying more than one book at once I suppose, but for those who want to grab themselves Black Cross on its lonesome, they can spend a penny or two more (no toilet jokes please, we’re all grown up-ish here!) and save far more on delivery.

Anyhow, the thought and explanation of pricing and posting popped to mind and, well, that’s what blogs are for, no? So, if you have saved yourself on postage by buying Black Cross, or plan to – or are waiting on Black Guild which is due in January ’17, then I thank you for your custom, your loyalty and your snapping up of the good ol’ FREE delivery system on Amazon UK!

I’m off now because I hear my little Norse goddess awakening from her afternoon slumber. Tarra for now, folks.

You can grab Black Cross for £10 (or more if you want it in hardback, or less if you read Kindle) here: Black Cross on Amazon UK (Also available in hardback from all good bookstores by request).

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