Words from other languages in Fantasy… (r/fantasy)

Over on Reddit Fantasy I ask the good folk there how they feel about foreign words, titles and such being used in fantasy novels.

4 thoughts on “Words from other languages in Fantasy… (r/fantasy)

  1. I read a lot of Byzantine history chronicles and I’m quite used to foreign titles, units of measurement etc. I’m quite ok with it in fiction, so long it’s done smoothly. Daniel Polansky used Byzantine military ranks and titles in Those Above.


  2. Does he now? I did not know that. Makes me want to read him all the more.
    Personally I think it adds to the flair of another nation, as long as it’s done right. Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂


  3. Interesting topic, JP.
    I think a foreign language adds flavor to the narrative. However, I have used Indian (Sanskrit actually) words for names, etc. in my novel, and the beta readers have told me they found them too ‘difficult’ to read. I have restricted my Sanskrit additions to mono or bisyllabic words due to that feedback. I don’t appreciate large made up ‘elvish’ terms. I liked your book for one the reasons, your language. So unique (for me at least), but not that difficult once I got the hang of it. The names were simple and not intimidating at all.


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