Calligraphy and authenticity, or Writing about Writing

Fascinating to say the least. History fan, or fantasy fan? Then check this blog post out from author Christian (Miles) Cameron.

With Pen and Sword

So here we are, a couple of days from the launch of Plague of Swords, and you’d probably expect me to blog about writing either Plague of Swords or Fall of Dragons.  But, dear reader, I like to surprise; I also think that many of you like to have a little window on the life of a writer.

So here goes. My next series, at least for fantasy, is called Masters and Mages.  (In my head, it’s just called ‘Mastery’ but there you go).  Some of the content of book one, (The Master) has wandered around the net; I tried some of it as freeware, and then I sold it to the nice folks at Gollancz.  It’s a completely different world; there’s neither a Christianity nor an analog thereof; I made up all the religions; and it has a new magic system (actually a number of different magic systems.).  There…

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