That is not a broadsword!

Love this. Huge thanks to the man in the know.


In recent days, there appears to be a growing interest in presenting historical realism into fantasy writing. If that’s not your bag then that’s absolutely cool. This blog is aimed at those who want the swords in the hands of their characters to function like historical swords.

Fantasy writers that this blog is for:

  • People who want the medieval weapons they write about to be used like medieval weapons
  • People who are writing fantasy but aren’t super interested in spending years reading about historical weapon use
  • Pedants like me

It’s not for you if:

  • Historical realism is not part of your book – it is a fantasy after all
  • You prefer to base your weapons use on what you’ve seen in the Peter Jackson LOTR movies
  • You are looking for a blog about gardening. Like seriously, what are you doing here?


This blog is intended as a “Quick myth buster”…

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