Meh! I’m feeling blog-apathetic lately.

Lately I’ve been feeling as run down as the following ruined building (photo by my father)…


HOWEVER, that isn’t to say I’ve been doing nothing. In fact, I’ve done a lot lately… like, a hella lot! I’ve been reading and listening to the following fantasy books – all of which I enjoyed/am enjoying and all of which need blog posts written about them, because they deserve them.

I’ve also been to London a couple of times – one time to meet John Gwynne and pals for the release of Wrath. Again, that needs a blog post in itself!


Wifey is starting her own business, a catering van, so we have been doing a lot of work on that – a lot of work, since it’s an old van and Wifey has high standards. New flooring, new machines and equipment, signs being made and on and on. It’s coming along slowly, but surely.


What about Black Guild? Good question! The sequel to Black Cross is with the proof-readers whilst I continuously edit edit edit the ms. I’ve been spending a lot of time on that actually, and on re-formatting and re-releasing Black Cross in all formats! Hardback, paperback and eBook editions have all been re-released with a healthy dose of corrections. The paperback edition is also now available to order outside of Amazon (previously an Amazon exclusive). That’s all taken a fair amount of work, including re-formatting of the manuscript and cover art alike, but it’s exciting news that’s allowed Black Cross paperback onto the shelves of at least one US bookshop that I know of, and one German bookshop, to accompany the hardback edition they were already selling!


On top of the above, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my little Norse goddess and Wifey, a lot of time working and studying for my SMC Tech Diploma, and a lot of time freaking out with excitement over Star Wars: Rogue One, which my cover artist, Charles Richardson, one of my proof-readers, Rob Jeffries, and me – of course – are off to see this coming Friday. W00T W00T! Cannot wait! Alas, that means no social media for me on Thurs/Fri, because I do not want any spoilers before I see it.


What does all this drivel mean then? Well, my lovely ladies and gentlemen, it means whilst I have been apathetic towards my blogging – it’s true – I have been busy elsewhere. It means that Black Guild is on track for a Spring 2017 release – sadly later than my planned January release, for which I can only apologise. At the end of the day, I want Black Guild to be the best it can be and I am in no way going to rush it. Once my team of proof-readers and I are done with the manuscript, it’ll be sent off to my editor, Jeff Gardiner, who’ll work with me to finish it off. Once that’s done, it’s formatting fun for me! And then the ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies) will be sent forth to bloggers and reviewers to build the hype train’s momentum. If you are a blogger/review and want a copy, let me know and I shall be happy to send one your way. For now though, it’s a waiting game for me and for you, in which time I will do my best to find the energy to write a blog or few on the above books, on the London book signing of John Gwynne‘s Wrath, and perhaps even on some other bits and bobs I think you might like to read about.

Right now though, I’m off to continue my keyword deletions on Black Guild… until, that is, Poppet wakes up. Tarra for now and have a wonderful holiday over the coming month!


PS/ I’m also part of the organisation group for Fantasy Faction‘s 2017 Convention! Keep your eyes peeled for that awesomeness, and I’ll shout about it as much as I can, when I can. Would be brilliant to see some (all) of you there. Details coming soon.


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