Michael R. Fletcher and his crazy doppels!

In depth review of the book and the author. Check it out!

Dark Mondays

What’s this I hear? You haven’t read Beyond Redemption yet? So you have no idea who Bedeckt, Stehlen and Wichtig are?  What’s wrong with you? Let me introduce you to the world of crazy doppels where nothing is what it seems.

Meet Bedeckt Imblut he’s a liar, thief, warrior and a killer, he’s heavy set and covered in scars. He rides a monstrous black destrier just look at it it’s huge!a18d4ffd8dc65dd05d3ee808891d3177

Stehlen Siealles is a violent kleptomaniac, she has horrible yellow teeth and she’ll kill you if you stare at her long enough. Whenever I try to imagine her she looks like Madonna on meth

And than there’s Wichtig Lügner apparently he’s like the Face from the A-Team you know the good-looking blond chap. Wichtig is a swordsman and a minor Gefahrgeist (shit I don’t even know what that is.

We met these 3 lovely characters in Michael’s first book…

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