Should be in bed…

Like the title says, I should be in bed. It’s 01.14 and I’ve made to turn the laptop off several times before returning to social media and staring at, well, nothing really. I’m up early in the morning, as ever, but just can’t bring myself to go to bed yet. I can’t edit – not in the mood, don’t want to start watching anything because of the time. Reading is too much for my tired eyes, despite staring at the bright laptop screen… I don’t even know what I’m doing on here, I’ve certainly nothing interesting to tell you. Hah… that’s not true. I’ve plenty of things to tell you, but I just can’t find the words past this blathering on to do those things justice. I’m sure I’m not alone in this and we all have evenings where we just mong out – earlier was great, when I was wrapping presents with Wifey, drinking red wine and then watching Dyrk Gently on Netflix, but after Wifey went to bed I just watched D&D videos on YouTube (possibly where it went wrong – I tried a couple of new to me D&D/RPG videos and just didn’t feel them) and stared at social media. Should have read a book earlier (lords above know I have enough of them to read). Could have watched a DVD. I don’t even know where I’m going with this? Perhaps next time I feel like this I should… I don’t know!? That’s the bloody point. Meh. I’m wasting your time as well as my own now, so sorry for that. Perhaps this is a good sign that it really is time to call it a night, or a  very early morning…

Night all,


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