Playing D&D Right Now!


I’m playing D&D on Roll20 website right now, whilst typing this. Multitasking for the win! My Barbarian Gnome has just lost his shit for the second time this session – typical Pigget. Anyway, what’s good about playing on Roll20 is that sometimes, when there’s a lot of combat, it can take a while to get back round to my character’s turn, which frees me up to do all sorts on other internet tabs. So, what have I been up to tonight? I’ve been playing around with Black Powder Wars t-shirt designs, that’s what. After playing around with the designs between combat, I created a cool TEAM STOWOLD t-shirt and ordered it (from Once it arrives, I’ll be sure to share photos. I’ve played around on this site so much of late that I’ve created a Black Powder Wars Shop! I’ve populated the shop with apparel featuring artwork from my Black Powder Wars book series. What’s cool about it is that you, the customer, can edit the apparel/items (phone covers etc.) before you purchase. You can change image sizes or placement and even add text. I’ll be working on it a lot more in the coming weeks and will do my best to upload more and more Black Powder Wars images for you to choose and use. Off to kick some more undead ass!



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