Black Guild – Proof Reader Review

Absolutely made up to get this 5* review from the first proof reader (Steve Rainsford) to finish Black Guild – Second book from the tales of the Black Powder Wars. If you’ve not read Black Cross yet, then be warned, this review gives away the survival of certain characters. Other than that, it’s pretty much spoiler free, so enjoy!

“Where to begin… if you enjoyed Black
Cross then you’re sure to love this. I was lucky enough to get a proof readers copy and thoroughly enjoyed it. It kicks off fast and stays that way for pretty much the entire book, which after the slow start in the first book, really gets you hooked right away. it introduces some new characters to the series, namely cheung (who appears at the end of black cross) who ends up travelling with a group of caravaneers (think bare knuckle boxing gypsies xD) which leads to some great, action packed
It also continues on with Fal, Sav and the rest of the Pathfinders as they investigate the strange goings on outside of Altoln, leading them to Siretta, a place with new characters and new problems…
There’s some kickass highs and some gut wrenching lows…

Longoss and Coppin are still on their crusade to wipe out the black guild, they find aid in the form of some familiar faces.

We can’t forget the crew of Sessio! their journey brings them to the tri isles, a place by the sounds of it, no one would like to go to. Ruled by God like beings known as The Three who, well…. let’s just say it’s better to read and find out =D

There’s also some rat bastard goblins throughout, Fucking shit up for people… and an oversized hen named pecker. what’s not to like?!?
All the while the mysterious Dignaaln seems to be pulling strings and moving pieces in the background…

Also if you’re like me and love you some Biv and Sears, there’s plenty of them in this book too =)”

Thanks, Steve! Glad you enjoyed it and your continued feedback is helping shape the story no end.


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