Hidden Gems: Take me home, Caravan Road

Hidden fantasy series gems from a source I trust.

James Latimer

So, I decided to do a series on books/series I consider under-appreciated, namely because they are among my favourites, yet I hear very little about them when out and about in the fantasy community. My first was on Mark T Barnes epic trilogy, Echoes of Empire. This one is about another series of books that have come from the margins to become some of my all-time favourites…

BooksThere is a storyteller’s cycle of tales, and they begin like this:

I first noticed K V Johansen’s Blackdogbecause of its phenomenal Raymond Swanland cover. Obviously, covers don’t always lead one true – good books often hide behind bad covers, and vice versa – but once an evocative cover has caught my eye, I do find it very hard to ignore. This one promised exactly what the blurb backed up – a mysterious warrior, part demonic animal, surrounded by a raging…

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