Future author interviews.

I’m planning on running some author interviews throughout 2017. The format for this is still in the planning stage, as are the authors themselves, but I want to try and do something fun and different with this, so watch this space.

If you have any ideas of what you don’t see enough of/would like to see, either as a reader or an author, then shout it out in the comments below, or email me at jp@jpashman – same goes if you’d like me to interview you!

Thinking cap well and truly on.


2 thoughts on “Future author interviews.

  1. A mix of self published and traditionally published, goes without saying. I think the key would be authors at all stages of the journey, from those very much well established like Mark Lawrence and John Gwynne, the ones who are on the road like Peter Newman, Jen Williams and Jonathan French (shout out for the Grey Bastards!), debuts like Anna Smith Sparks, Michael Miller and Dyrk Ashton, those still starting out LAURA M HUGHES I know you’ll read this at some point…and last, and certainly not least, those who are still writing what might be their debut e.g. Sadir, Kareem; I mean these guys and gals might be the Lawrence and Gwynne of tomorrow.


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