Samorlian Inquisition – Author Interviews

Announcing the Samorlian Inquisition, where Inquisitor Makhell puts fantasy writers to the question. Be them first time writers or full blown authors with dozens of books under their belt, no one is safe!

This tongue-in-cheek series of interviews will continue for months to come, with more and more writers signing up to spill their guts – not literally, Makhell! Calm yourself, man. I wanted to target those starting out in the writing world, to those who are a dab hand. From ‘traditionally’ published authors to self-published.


(Image of the rack by Xsanaanx on Deviantart)

So who will Makhell be tying to the rack then? Who won’t he be, would be the easier question. I’ve sent out the same twenty questions to many a keyboard tapper, from John Gwynne, Mark Lawrence and Miles (Christian) Cameron, to Peter Newman, Dyrk Ashton and Jen Williams. That, I assure you, is just a taster of those Makhell has his witchunters hunting down for this lighthearted series of interviews. We all enjoy the deep, heavy, soul searching Q&A’s brought to us by many a blogger, but what I wanted to give you was a quick and fun insight into a wide range of people who share the same passion: writing speculative fiction. There’s no timescale to this, no set dates, just Inquisitor Makhell and I doing our best to throw an interview out here and there, as often as possible, so you can enjoy the witty answers our genre’s writers give up during Makhell’s questionings.

If you’re a writer yourself and you want to get in on this, please feel free to email me at and I shall have Makhell send the witchunters round with our questions. As I said before, everyone has been given the same twenty questions, which shows the diversity of writers when you see how different their answers are! The majority – if not all – that I have read so far have made me laugh, and Makhell scowl.

So watch this space, because Makhell has already been hard at work and his results will start to spill forth onto this blog very soon indeed.

Some of those who have already given in to Makhell’s questioning are:

Matthew Ward, Graham Austin-King, Kareem Mahfouz, Timandra Whitecastle and T.O Munro, and that’s just for starters.

We look forward to your thoughts and responses to these interviews, but mostly we look forward to the interviews themselves.




(Torture chamber image by Russell1580 on Deviantart)

(With special thanks to BooBop on Deviantart for the featured image at the top of the page)

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