My recent absence…

Hi all, I just thought I would post a quick message about my recent absence from the blog and social media in general. Despite popping on Facebook and Twitter from time to time, I haven’t been as active in the groups and on my own pages as usual. It’s with the heaviest heart that I bring myself to type this… Barely two months ago my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As you can imagine – especially for those of you who know me well – this rocked my (and my family’s) world. It rocked my dad’s most of all and his health declined rapidly. During this time, my concentration was on him and my family. My brother Martyn and I spent several days (Martyn more so than I since he lived with Dad – I can’t praise him enough for all he has done) caring for my father 24/7. We did and had to do things for our dad that we never thought we could (when being honest with ourselves in the past). It seems we were made of sterner stuff than we’d given ourselves credit for; it was for Dad, after all. Alas, a little over a week ago our dad, Phil Ashman (who took the wonderful photo at the top of this post, among countless others) passed away peacefully in his sleep, in his own home, as had been his wish. Once again, our world was rocked, and is still shaking. Dad’s funeral will be taking place next week, where we are told dozens of bikers (one of his passions) will ride with the procession to see him off. He will be greatly missed and was stolen from us at too young an age. He loved sea fishing (and was excellent at it), photography (award winning) and biking, among many other things, and will be remembered by many. We’re happy he passed peacefully, but we’re shocked he was taken so quickly – he was doing all the things he loved not so long ago. And so, it is understandably because of these events why I haven’t felt up to writing, posting or generally getting involved in the things I usually enjoy. I’ve loved spending more time than usual with my brother and mother, and I know Dad would want us to laugh and enjoy life, as was his way. It may be a while before I’m cracking on like ‘normal’, but I’m here, in the background and thankful for all the support and kind words my family and I have received!

Rest easy, Dad. Love always.

Your son,


Philip Ashman: Father, Grandfather, Photographer, Fisherman and Biker.

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