Black Martlet Audiobook by J P Ashman now available!

It’s finally here! My short story, Black Martlet, has been released on Audible (and iBooks any day now)!

I managed to snag voice actor and narrator Julian Casey, who has worked on countless projects including popular video games Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 3!

Julian has done a tremendous job bringing to life Black Martlet‘s characters for your entertainment. A short listen – 35 minutesBlack Martlet is an ideal (and affordable) venture into Audible (or iBooks), a world of books delivered straight to your ears!

I listen to a lot of audio books whilst driving or during my early starts at work. It’s a great way to enjoy stories in a completely different way, as long as smashing through those ever so long To Be Read lists! If you’re not already an avid listener of tales, give Black Martlet a go and see what you think (please leave a review and let others know what you thought):

Black Martlet Audiobook | J P Ashman |


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