We’re There…Almost!

Oh to experience life on the canals… What adventures!

The Mouse Boat

We’ve bought our narrowboat – the Wendy Elizabeth. (Don’t ask me. We didn’t name it.)

It’s currently lying over in Thorne in South Yorkshire, sixty foot of homely comforts and potential cat wreckage. At the moment we’re having the engine serviced (it’s going to be a long haul from Thorne to the Lancaster Canal – extremely circuitous – we don’t want the engine exploding in the Pennines). We’re also having a cat flap fitted. That last bit’s important.

Unfortunately we don’t have any photographs of it to post apart from the ones in the brochure and, until we’ve hung our pictures and stuffed the boat full of our belongings, cats etc it wouldn’t look right. So you’ll just have to wait. For now, here’s one of my ‘Steampunk Girl’ oil paintings instead…

Steampunk Girl with Kitten

Update: Here are some facts about our narrowboat (because I’m sure you’re interested).

1. It’s green…mainly.
2. It’s sixty foot…

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