knight wearing “klappvisor” bascinet – Google Images

Absolutely love medieval European armour, especially helmets. I own a great helm and have done for years, but I’ve always desired a visored bascinet. Hondskull/pig-faced bascinets are super cool (the pointed ones), but I’ve recently been drawn to the round style of klappvisor bascinets, which were predominantly (but not exclusively) German and in use around one of my favourite medieval periods.

So… I just ordered one! My first ‘reenactment gear’ purchase in years – or rather my Wife’s, since it’s to be my Christmas present. I’m as excited as a child before Christmas!

I’ve linked a Google search of klappvisor (single, central hinge) bascinets for your – and my – entertainment. Enjoy browsing these stunning lids, think of knights wearing them in my Black Powder Wars series, and of me of course!

Images: knight wearing “klappvisor” bascinet – Google Search

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