FALL just got physical!

Fall background

That’s right, folks, my scifi short story FALL just came out in physical (paperback) format on Amazongrab a copy here! – (UK AMAZON AFFILIATES LINK)

“Sin City meets Repo-Men in the world of Halo ODST, with a healthy dose of Black Mirror.” The Fantasy Hive

It’s in a smaller print size than my previous shorts and, I have to be honest, I prefer this compact cover size. More pages = less royalties for yours truly, but it feels and looks way better imho. Well worth it. Always nice to hold a physical copy, especially with such awesome artwork (by J Caleb Designs in this case).

“Highly recommended with plenty in there for Grimdark SF fans to love.” Grimdark Magazine

Make sure you take a snap or two with any books of mine you have/get and share them with me on Social Media, the crazier the photo the better. It’s always great to see.

I’m off to FALL into bed now – my apologies – so I’ll ‘see’ you soon!



Fall Mock Up

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