We’re certainly a way past Christmas now, but I only just got to play (last weekend) one of the board games I was bought as a Christmas present:


(affiliate link)pandemic

What. A. Game!

I’ve not played one quite like this before. Rather than playing against your fellow gamers, you play alongside them and against the game itself. Or, more accurately, against the Pandemic.

Randomly selecting ‘characters’ from a deck of cards, you play the roll of researcher, medic or several other experts trying their best to hop around the world, tackling outbreaks from New York to Sydney, Moscow to Mexico and so on. As you successfully beat back a disease in one city, another disease entirely breaks out somewhere across the globe. And sometimes the outbreak is big! Your heart suddenly sinks, that’s for sure.

This game is tense!

Not only do you need to travel around treating the populations of cities, trying to use your character’s skills to help, you need to set up research centers too, and attempt to discover cures before, ultimately, eradicate all of the diseases. Teamwork is key for all of this and – pro tip I received from a friend – despite it being a 2+ player game, the more players, the higher the chance you have of saving the world. She told me to play multiple characters. We didn’t listen…

We played twice, with three players. We failed twice. Badly. But we cannot wait to play again, that’s for sure, and next time we shall listen to what she told us.

If it sounds up your street, be sure to check it out. If you already have it, let us know in the comments below what you think or how you play. I even see there’s expansion packs, which you can check out on this affiliate link. I’m intrigued about those, but I need to survive a normal game of Pandemic first.


Anyway, I’m off to have nightmares of incurable diseases. Night all!


2 thoughts on “PANDEMIC

  1. Ahh such a good game. If you enjoy Pandemic then I would also recommend Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. It’s the same concept, but it feels like an entirely different game. It’s more RPG like and less abstract.

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