The Bitter Twins by Jen Williams

If you’ve not read The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams yet, do so. Then, you can read The Bitter Twins!

Check out my Goodreads review of The Bitter Twins:

“High Five (stars)!

This sequel bossed it fo’ sho’ (I’m down with the kids).

Laughs. Cries. Gasps. Growls. There’s some of all of that as the Ninth Rain continues.

There’s some surprising twists and HUGE b@stard betrayals in this book, with real curse moments where you want to throttle characters (in a way that is clearly intended by Jen Williams – shakes fist at her wordsmithing of my emotions).

Battles are present and frikkin cinematic and kewl. People get hurt and some even deaded. I was quite out of breath at the end of some scenes, both from holding it and the exertion of living out those tense moments. Intrigue in swathes. Mystery in wholesale size bundles that are later spilled across your lap in a cascade of, “NO FUCKING WAY”s and “YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDIN’ ME, BRAH!”s. Truly. 

I’m ranting and raving (about this series) and, well, I’m going to leave it there because I’m sleep depraved and ready for bed. Read it, mother funkies. Read it NOW!”

A wonderful series with strong characters, worldbuilding, gods, aliens and fantastical beasts. Action packed and full of mystery and intrigue. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it – if it sounds like it’s up your country lane, check it out on the affiliates link below:

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