Love D&D? Check out Critical Role!

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My brother got me into Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition a year or so ago – after years of being intrigued – and it’s fair to say I’m hooked. What he also did was get me into Critical Role, a recorded game in which a bunch of nerdy voice actors (‘Critters‘ – fans of Critical Role – will get that line) play Dungeons & Dragons. They know how to get into character. They know how to play together (long standing friends) and they know how to get cool guest players (think movie actors and the like) on their show too! The production value (video, sound and set) is spot on, too.


Intrigued? A good place to start would be episode 1 of their 2nd campaign. Be warned, each episode is LONG (because it’s unedited), but it’s frikkin’ worth it. So very funny and such a great insight into the increasingly popular and decades old game of Dungeons & Dragons!

Whether you’ve played for years, are new to the game or merely enjoy watching gamers online, or actors getting into (fantasy) character, this well produced series is well worth your time. So, without further ado, here’s a YouTube link to the aforementioned episode: (Enjoy!)

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