Recommended Fantasy Books

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I read less these days, but I listen to a lot of books on Audible. I still use my Kindle and I love paperbacks and hardbacks, when I get time. You can see my full list of reads and listens over the past few years on my Goodreads profile by clicking here. Not everyone uses Goodreads though and, like me, most people are very visual and do indeed go off book covers – there’s so much awesome artwork out there.

Also, folk like recommendations from someone they know and trust.

Beware, though, for we all have different tastes and experiences which influence our reads/listens. Despite the latter, I’m going to throw a load of fantasy book covers at you, all of which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll keep it to the first books of a series or standalone novels. Enjoy!





The Iron WolvesMaliceCover


I just had to add the D&D Player’s Handbook, even if it’s just for the short story elements and artwork! I also have to add some of my own, because it’d be rude not to:

NewBCcoverPromoFall JP Ashman1036_TMP_JPA_BlackGuildvKINDLE

This isn’t everything I’ve read (by far), nor everything I’ve enjoyed, but I’ll try and add more to it now and then, whenever I get the time. Be sure to add recommendations for other readers or your comments on these books (by leaving a reply at the bottom of this post) and check back from time to time to see what else has been added.

If, like me, you struggle to find the time to read (I commute long hours twice a week) and fancy checking out Audible, click the link below and snag two free audio books when you sign up! It’s not for everyone and you can cancel your Free Trial subscription if it’s not your cup of mead. I love it though, and hope you do too. Let me know what you think if you do try it – and what books you chose to listen to.

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