Lots going on…

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Hey folks!

Quick post here about everything I have going on in the book world right now.

Not only has Black Guild finally been released in both paperback and hardback formats, to accompany the Kindle edition, but I’ve had my scifi short story FALL narrated for Audible by the talented Olivia Harrison AND I’m super close to having Black Arrow ready to send out as Advanced Review Copies! Super exciting times. I’m also playing a lot of Magic the Gathering (MTG Core 2019 set coming out soon – exciting!) and Dungeons and Dragons at the moment – and loooooving them both – but that’s besides the point.


Black Guild paperback and hardback.

FALL as an Audiobook (within the week – date TBC).

Black Arrow ARCs.

JP is a happy author.

Hope you’re all well!? I’ll be sure to shout out again when FALL is available to your ears and I’ll contact reviewers regarding Black Arrow soon.

Tarra for now, JP.

Fall Audio Cover

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