FALL Audio, Black Guild animated cover & Black Arrow cover reveal. A speculative fiction hat trick!

Fall Audio Cover

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FALL by J.P. Ashman

Now available on Audible

I’m super excited to announce the Audible release of my scifi short story: FALL.

Narrated by the talented Olivia Harrison – with a dedicated Audible cover edit by the awesome J. Caleb Clark – you can finally listen to the heart-pounding 45minute short story and enjoy the fantastic narration whilst visualising everything from dropships to grunts, operators to shredder waves.

“Sin City meets Repo Men in the world of Halo ODST, with a healthy dose of Black Mirror.” The Fantasy Hive

She survived the mission – the drop, the fall. 

But what now? What can she do when the very thing that produced her new name left her scarred in far more ways than one?

Fight on, that’s what. Seek out the next job. The next mission. Even if it means doing the despicable. Even if it means risking her life once again. For she risks it to protect the many at the cost of the few. For the greater good.

She’ll be saving the next generation after all…

…won’t she?

Check the FALL Audiobook price out here and enjoy!

Not only is FALL now available to your ears, but super cool author Ben Galley has dabbled with Pen Astridge’s cover of my second novel Black Guild to create this…



I know. I know. I’m giddy too. You can find Black Guild (and Black Cross) in eBook, paperback and hardback formats on Amazon, as well as the physical copies (by order) in most good book shops.

As well as all that goodness, very soon, the third book in the Black Powder Wars series will be available. Like, August soon! AUGUST! Time flies. And for now, because there’s a lot of football on and I hear hat tricks are something to do with the sport – COME ON ENGLAND! – I’m going to hit you with a third awesomeness, in the form of…


That’s right, folks… *EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL* …we have a cover for Black Arrow (which is actually available for pre-release on Kindle here). Pen Astridge has scored another belter with this one, tying in the three covers nicely. I can’t wait to see Black Prince (book four) when I commission her to do the cover art next year.

Anyhow, thanks for reading, supporting my writing and loving scifi and fantasy. I’m off to watch the footie (rare for me) and sign a stack of Black Guild hardbacks. 

Laterz taterz,


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