It’s my Book Birthday!



Super excited to announce the release of my third epic fantasy novel:

Black Arrow

Tragedy rarely visits alone; when one hero falls, more usually follow, such is the nature of war.

Whilst Cheung travels Brisance and the Black Guild tears itself apart, Correia Burr rides for The Marches with her trusted Pathfinders, in search of an enemy they know nothing about.

But when her network of informers yield little, Correia makes a necessary decision to lead her closest companions beyond Altoln’s borders, into Sirreta and the unknown. What they find forces Correia back, and on again, in a race to Wesson, leaving far more than her friends behind.

Throughout it all: massing armies, shocking betrayals and devastating, heart-breaking losses, a familiar name continues to be whispered on the lips of many: Dignaaln, emissary.


Not only have I just released my third book, but I’m dropping the Kindle US price of the first two books to $0.99 during release week. A perfect opportunity to snag Black Cross and Black Guild before you read Black Arrow. All you need do is follow my Amazon affiliate links below (which earn me a little extra to help maintain this site, but cost you nothing extra) and you’ll be well on your way to entering Brisance and the Black Powder Wars.

Black Cross – currently $0.99

Black Guild – currently $0.99

Black Arrow – out now!

All of my books also feature on Kindle Unlimited.

If you’re a Goodreads user – if not, I highly recommend it – you can find Black Arrow here. I look forward to your reviews!

The Black Powder Wars is also available in paperback and hardback (Black Arrow from October) from Amazon or by request at any good book shop.

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and thanks for sharing!

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