Samorlian Inquisition

Inquisitor Makhell and J P Ashman are currently running a (vast) number of author interviews during this, the Samorlian Inquisition. Makhell sends the witchunters out every few days to drag in another fantasy writer, from first-time keyboard tapper to best selling author, all of which reside within the fantasy genre, or similar. You can use this page to find the victims of Makhell’s inquisition. We add their names below, once they have been stretched, roasted and crushed into submission, so you can happily hop on over to the blog post that reveals all. A tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted set of twenty questions (the same for all) have been asked by Makhell, and the often hilarious answers do not disappoint. Check this page often, as there are more writers signing up to be put to the question all the time. Enjoy!



Victims in interrogation date order:

Graham Austin-King

G R Matthews

Kareem Mahfouz

Timandra Whitecastle

Mark Lawrence

Matthew Ward

T.O. Munro

T L Greylock

Sadir S Samir

Peter Newman

Ben Galley

Dyrk Ashton

Michael R. Miller

Anna Smith Spark

Rob J. Hayes

Michael R. Baker

If you are a fantasy, scifi or horror writer, and want to take part in this series of interrogations, throw me an email:

Watch out, the witchunters are about!


For more Samorlian shenanigans, buy my bloody books!



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