I was recently introduced to the wonderful 3D printing site of Heroforge, which has since sucked hours from my life in a miniature creating frenzy. As you likely guessed, Heroforge offers gamers and collectors the opportunity to create miniatures, be them for D&D or other such tabletop games. There are many options to choose from, including the material you wish your miniature to be printed and supplied in: plastics (various), stainless steel or bronze! After having a play around on it, I decided to create – and continue to create – characters from my Black Powder Wars epic fantasy series. And… I want to share them with you, the readers and fans. I will be adding links on this page to the characters I create. Whether you just fancy a glance at said characters, or want to actually purchase the character in your chosen material and scale (possible via the link), that’s up to you – I’m not earning a penny from sales made, but would love to see photos shared should you decide to buy Sears, Biviano, The Red Goblin or any of the characters I share here – or any you come up with yourselves. Anyway, here’s some characters for starters (as close as I can get them whilst using the varied yet limited options available to me on the site):


Sears, Wesson City Guard


Biviano, Wesson City Guard


The Red Goblin, Chieftain


Samorlian Witchunter


Cheung, Eatrian Assassin


Captain Hud, Royce’s Reds (Black Guild – Book 2)


Admiral Charlzberg, Goblin War Galley – (Black Guild – Book 2)

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