Links to sites, blogs and other authors that I follow. You might like them too!

Bloggers, reviewers and such:

Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off – follow this unique competition here.

Fantasy Faction – all your fantasy reading needs and a super friendly online community.

Bookworm Blues – Sarah Chorn reviews countless fantasy books for us all, including mine!

Fantasy Book Critic – fantasy reviews and author interviews. A must stop for fantasy fans.

Daily Stream of Unconsciousness – reviews and Q&A’s with authors like… me.

Laura Hughes – blogger, fantasy and horror lover and writer with a panache for prose.

Some of my favorite authors:

John Gwynne – Pick up Malice and continue from there, the series is a must read.

Andy Remic – countless brutal, gritty books in both fantasy and scifi genres.

That Thorn Guy – unofficial site of the aforementioned author Mark Lawrence.

Conn Iggulden – historical fiction author of Rome, the Mongols, War of the Roses & more.

Peter Newman – cinematic, dystopian, demon filled adventure from a unique protagonist.

Richard A Knaak – author of a wide range of fantasies from Dragonlance to World of Warcraft.

Steven Erikson – author of my favorite series ever… Malazan Book of the Fallen.

G R Matthews – author of underwater scifi and a grand fantasy of a far eastern setting.

Joe Abercrombie – popular grimdark at its best.

Graham Austin-King – author of war, politics and the fantastical fae.


Deviant Art – for all your weird and wonderful arty needs.