January 29th 2017: Black Martlet signed copies are flying out, with doodles to boot! Head over to and fill in the order form if you’d like one too. The Black Powder Wars Apparel page has also been revamped with a TEAMS order form for t-shirts, hoodies and the like. There have already been orders for Team Goblin, Team Pathfinder, Team Elves and my very own Team Stowold, so check those items out if you want to join the growing number of teams straight out of Brisance. I also advertised Black Martlet to narrators today in a hope that the Black Powder Wars audio experience can begin. It might only be a (very) short story, but I look forward to hearing the characters in it come to life. FInally, a huge congratulations to the winner of my Goodreads giveaway. Over 2000 people entered from around the world! In the end, on Australia day, the winner came from, you guessed it, Australia! The winner’s copy of Black Cross is already winging its way to her.

January 8th 2017: This site now has a link to my Black Powder Wars Shop where you can purchase clothing, phone covers etc. with Black Powder Wars artwork. The designs can be edited, so you can add text or change the size of the images etc. Head over to the Apparel page on this site and hit the link to shoot over to the shop (if you’ve not used the links in this news update). I’m hoping to create many more designs for you to use over the coming weeks.

January 1st 2017: HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best to my friends and followers! I spent today revamping the website with a contact form and a book order form (here). I’ve lots to crack on with this year so I created a ‘shopping/to do’ list and have already ticked three things off – satisfying! Now to get on with the rest, be it editing Black Guild, promoting the paperback release of Black Martlet or writing Black Prince. It’s all go go go. Check back with you soon!

December 25th 2016:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Black Cross by J P Ashman

Black Cross

by J P Ashman

Giveaway ends January 25, 2017.

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December 22nd 2016: A box of books was dispatched by (to me) yesterday. The book(s) in question is a paperback I’ve yet to mention, here or anywhere, but one that’s just been released by me on Amazon. More details (and photos) to come soon, so watch this space!

November 30th 2016: It’s been far too long since I updated this page or wrote a blog post. Apologies! Truth is, I’ve been really busy, I’ve been ill and, well, I’ve not been in the ‘zone’ for blogging etc. Still aren’t really, alas. I’ve been to the below mentioned Bristolcon and it was awesome. I’ve been to Forbidden Planet in London to meet John Gwynne and his family, along with friends new and old. I’ve worked corrections throughout Black Cross and formatted, uploaded and created the second edition hardback, paperback and ebook versions of that novel. I’ve been to London again on my SMC Tech course for work. *Breath* I’ve been sick – awe, poor me – working hard at work, spending time with my family, reading – just finished Ruin by John Gwynne and… WOW! I’ve created bookplates for the Black Powder Wars (contact me if interested) and, well, I’ve been receiving positive (and negative) feedback from my proof readers regarding Black Guild. That’s all I’m going to blather on about for now. I hope to have a better update and blog post or several for you in the coming days/weeks. Have fun, all!

October 26th 2016: Three more days to go! On Saturday 29th October I shall be heading down the M5 to Bristol to see fellow fantasy authors, readers and fans at Bristolcon. I’m super excited about this to say the least. I’ll be catching up with author friends such as Mark Lawrence, Andy Remic, G. R. Matthews (who has a book release the very same day) and T. O. Munro, to name but a few. I’ll also get to meet a couple of fans-come-friends from mainland Europe, which will be great – and long overdue. It will, all in all, be a fun social event with the bonus of author panels and book signings to boot – I will have a few hardback copies of Black Cross on me, plus a couple of gifts for said fans-come-friends: Julia and Marielle. SO, if you’re attending this event and see me (I’ll be sporting my Fantasy Faction t-shirt, since there’s an army of us going from that fantasy book group), then please come over and say hello. Unless I’m hiding from Kareem and his video camera (look out for his author interview vlogs in the future, some of which I will share on my blog), in which case, wait until I’m out of hiding before drawing attention to me. Have fun all those who’re going, I know I will!


October 20th 2016: Bombs away, lads and lasses! Well, proof copies at least: last night I finally shuffled the ridiculous amount of Black Guild scenes into chapters and whisked a .doc proof manuscript to my proof reading team. Very excited to hear what they think – and find out where I can brutally cut down the 260K words I have written for this sequel to Black Cross. Now I shall await the feedback from my trusted proof readers. You know who you are!

October 18th 2016: I crossed an editorial bridge with Black Guild tonight! Happy days. Wifey was out all evening at her company’s ‘Xmas do’ believe it or not, which left me to crack on and on with a few fixes on the ms. The rest of the week will be spent dividing the many scenes up (now I’ve painstakingly slotted them together) into chapters. From there it’s on to the multiple proof-readers for their thoughts. Exciting times. I shall continue to keep you posted along the way. (The bridge photo was taken by my father, Phil Ashman, who’s supplied me with a few lovely, timeless photos to use – so keep your eyes peeled for those).


October 15th 2016: Sat having an ale, prepping for my first ever live (on Roll20 site) Dungeons and Dragons game tomorrow night and I thought, ooh, I best update my News page after the productive weekend (I have two days off work mid-week) I just had. Well, Black Guild took a huge leap Wed/Thur when I finally managed to finish scene shuffling to create a single, linear/chronological manuscript. What a headache that was, I can tell you, but from now it’s all editing and proof reading – which I enjoy. So there you go, things are speeding up and I can look forward to hearing what my proof readers think very soon! Wish me and my gnome barbarian, Pigget, luck for tomorrow night. Tarra for now.

October 12th 2016: My eyes are struggling to stay open for this, so aplogies if I make any mystackes… Anyhow, the reason for my bleary eyed blathering is due to the scene sorting and jumbling and date-stamping and so on and so forth that has taken up the majority of my evening. Black Guild is literally coming together now, scene by mixed up scene. I am never writing this way again! I swear it on Sir Samorl and Squall both! That being said, seeing the ridiculous amount of scenes slamming into place tonight has been rewarding, even if it has opened my eyes to a few things that need fixing ASAP. Anyways, folks, I’m going to sign off, pop another After Eight chocolate in my mouth, kick back, relax and read some Danse Macabre by Laura M. Hughes. And then I’ll hit the proverbial sack for the night, for I’m up in about seven hours when Poppet wakes for more fun and games in a cardboard box – does she not know how cliche that is, when she has wonderful toys all about her? Alas no, she does not. Right, I’m off for my choccy, book and bed. Night all!

August 31st 2016: Today I’ve been typing up scenes for Black Guild that were scribbled down in one of my notebooks (I need to improve my handwriting). Things are moving along slowly but surely. I have half a dozen more scenes to type up, then it’s all a matter of continuing to polish up the first draft, arrange the scenes and then send the ms off to my proof readers. Once they’ve had their important say, the second draft will be sent to my editor, Jeff Gardiner. As of now, things may be tight on the old deadline side of things, but I’m still on track for a January 2017 release of Black Guild – Second Book from the tales of the Black Powder Wars. So hang in there!

Black Powder Wars series map from Black Martlet

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